The Night They Hit Back hits hard with a trailer and press release!

Slightly up north from where I reside, a film crew has been busy creating one of the most intriguing zombie films of the year.  And now, we have a trailer and some shots of the film!

The Night They Hit Back has been director Jason Thorson’s true labor of love over the last few years.  I’ve had the pleasure of writing for Thorson’s horror website, Ravenous Monster, for a little over four years now.  I can’t think of anyone else more up to the task of putting out a kick ass new twist on the zombie genre.

Thorson brings us a film that answers the age old question- what’s cooler than a mobster movie?  A mobster movie with zombies.




Please see below for the official press release and link to the trailer!



Janesville, Wisconsin – August 11, 2015 –A trailer for The Night They Hit Back has made its way online.  The forthcoming horror short marks the directorial debut for longtime media journalist Jason Thorson and it stars Wisconsin-based genre stalwarts Matt Kenyon (IDS RisingHole in the Wall) and Greg Johnson (Incest Death Squad series, MediatrixHole in the Wall).

The Night They Hit Back tells the story of Sonny (Kenyon)—the hapless son of The Don (Rich Peterson)—and his reluctant muscle, The Goon (Johnson) as they embark on a mafia hit just as a zombie plague begins devouring the country.

The micro-budgeted passion project is years in the making.  According to writer/director Jason Thorson, “I studied film and screenwriting in college and parlayed that into several freelance writing gigs covering cinema and television over the years, including the establishment of, but I always wanted to apply that knowledge toward actually making a movie.”

In January 2012 Thorson reached out to eventual co-producer/cinematographer Chris Haag—an old friend and fellow cinema enthusiast—about making a short film.  Soon thereafter, Thorson wrote the script, passed it around to few people he’d met through Ravenous Monster and by the end of that summer The Night They Hit Back had an experienced cast and a partial crew.  But that wasn’t the end of the film’s arduous preproduction.

“It took a couple years to buy the equipment we needed to do this and to fill out the rest our crew,” said Thorson.  “And, frankly, there was an impossible learning curve to overcome for me to move beyond film writing and wrap my head around film production and the monumental task of directing.  I was very fortunate to have an incredibly talented cast and crew to lean on, many of whom had done this before.”

Thorson and company were finally able to shoot the movie in southern Wisconsin during the summer of 2014.  “We made one hell of a fun flick.  The experience was incredible and I’m thankful to all the talented people who helped make it happen.”

The Night They Hit Back is currently finishing post production and will be submitted to festivals later this year.  It is produced by Ravenous Monster Productions in association with Lane Productions.

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So keep your eyes peeled, folks!







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