Rondo Award Winners announced!



Last night, David Colton and the Classic Horror Film Board announced the winners of the 2016 Rondo Hatton Awards and, boy, what a night it was!

It’s always a truly special chance to gather with a bunch of like-minded horror and sci-fi fanatics to celebrate the genres that we grew up on and love so fiercely.  Meeting so many new people and getting to know so many integral parts of the great monster machine.

As you all probably know after my relentless requests for voting over the last month and a half, I was nominated in the Best Article category for my tribute to the late, great Sir Christopher Lee.  I wrote the piece for Ravenous Monster and it was truly a labor of love.  I couldn’t be more proud that this piece earned recognition.

Well, folks.  We won!


Remembering Sir Christopher Lee‘ is a piece I am immensely proud of and to see so many people support the article as well as my writing career is simply stunning.  I still have jelly knees from the announcement!

Shortly after finding out the great news, even more amazing news splashed across my phone screen- Ravenous Monster won for Best Website!

The website is alive because of the passion of Editor-in-Chief Jason Thorson and his merry band of writers that cover just about every corner of the horror world.  I have been writing for Ravenous Monster for five years now and while it’s always fun to see my latest article get posted on the site and shared throughout the social media world, the best part about writing for RavMon is the opportunity to work with Mr. Thorson.

Jason is the Yoda to my Luke Skywalker as a writer.  Always available for feedback and quick to offer anecdotes that most people pay very good money to get at a four-year university, I’ve been lucky enough to get this mentoring for free, from a man I consider a true friend.  A man who, simply put, is a writing genius.

So a huge congratulations is due to Mr. Thorson and Ravenous Monster!

I also must bow down and give kudos to all of the nominees on this year’s ballot.  There is so much incredible talent working in the horror and sci-fi genres and it’s a true honor to be considered among them.  A special thank you to David Colton, who proudly runs the Classic Horror Film Board and conducts the Rondo ballots annually, for everything that he does to keep the genre alive and amplified!

But above ALL ELSE, I’ve decided to save the best for last.

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who reads my work, who follows Ravenous Monster, who supports and encourages writers everywhere.  To all of you who voted for the Rondos this year and everyone who shared the voting links, liked our endless posts and celebrated in the wins with us last night.  You guys are why we are able to celebrate today and I will never forget that.



4 thoughts on “Rondo Award Winners announced!

  1. Wow, a huge congrats, Justin! It was an excellent tribute to an unforgettable horror legend. Congratulations also to Ravenous Monster. Well done! 🙂

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