23 days remaining to make your vote count!

While I cannot promise any global change, nor am I in the mood to discuss the size of my hands, I am here to ask for your vote!


I have been a member of the Ravenous Monster team for five years now, and it has been an absolute blast.  It has also been a true honor to write for a gentleman by the name of Jason Thorson, who is the editor-in-chief at RavMon and one of the coolest dudes you will ever chat with.


It is with great pride that I am a part of the 2016 Rondo Hatton Awards ballot! Not only was my tribute piece to the late, great Sir Christopher Lee nominated but Ravenous Monster itself was nominated for Best Website in Category 16!


This is what I ask of you, dear readers and supporters- please, take a moment to follow the insanely easy instructions on the flyer below to vote for myself and Ravenous Monster. It would really mean the world to us.


As always, thank you for your constant support and kind words. Let’s help the underdog win and take home some hardware from the 14th annual Rondo Hatton Awards!

** only one vote per person and you must include your name in your email for the vote to count!







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