Wolfmen of Mars vs The Mangled Dead: an album celebration in interviews, pt. 4



Devon Whitehead is one of those lucky guys who gets to draw for a living.  The freelance artist resides in Los Angeles, California and has a sterling portfolio available for us all to gawk at over on Instagram and Facebook.

Many horror fans will know Whitehead’s work if they own the Night of the Demons soundtrack, either on CD, vinyl or good ol’ audio cassette.  The artwork is also a staple of the horror convention scene on T-shirts.  One of the most spectacular pieces of horror art on the scene, the album work caught the attention of many in the industry.  Fortunately for Wolfmen of Mars and The Mangled Dead, Devon decided to climb aboard and provide the stunning album artwork for Wolfmen of Mars vs The Mangled Dead.

In this, the final installment of a four-part interview session that celebrates the split-LP from every facet, I had the privilege of chatting with Mr. Whitehead about his influences, his style of art and his favorite tracks off of the album.


You can check out Part One of this interview celebration, featuring Wolfmen of Mars HERE

You can read up on what The Mangled Dead had to say, in Part Two, HERE

Artist Kevin Spencer dishes on his contributions to the album in Part Three HERE


MANGLED MATTERS:  What was your first commissioned piece?  Is this your full-time job?

DEVON WHITEHEAD:  After I graduated Otis College of Art and Design, I worked as a concept artist for several companies, including Sony Games and Universal Studios Theme Park.  Then I worked at an illustration company doing lots of toy box art and game covers.  After I left that job, I began doing freelance full time.

MM:  Who are some artists that influence you?

DW:  Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Gerald Brom, Drew Struzan, Ralph McQuarrie, and Crash McCreery.

MM:  Is there a specific medium or style of art you prefer to work in?

DW:  I started out with traditional methods, graphite, charcoal, and acrylic mostly but eventually got into painting on Photoshop, which I love.

I still do figure drawing, usually with charcoal, at least once a month, if not once a week if I’m able.  Figure drawing is my favorite thing to do.

MM:  How did the Wolfmen of Mars and The Mangled Dead get in touch with you for the LP artwork for their split album?

DW:  Email, I believe?  I have an Instagram and a Facebook page as well, but I’m terrible at updating. (laughs)

MM:  If you had to choose a track from each band off of this LP, which one is your favorite from each?

DW:  Favorite tracks from the LP-split would be “Devil Women in Heat” by Wolfmen of Mars and “Phantom of the Motorway” by The Mangled Dead.

You can also find Devon on Instagram at @devondraws


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