Homemade Horror: an interview with Katie Tucker

Most horror fans have the exact same dilemma that Katie Tucker has- there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything she wants to get done!  Whether your goal is to binge watch the entire Saw catalogue or you are working on your first (or thousandth) novel manuscript, twenty-four hours is simply an insufficient amount of time to waste on things like sleep, eating and, oh you know, holding down a steady job that actually pays the bills!

Katie is doing something very cool in her spare time and hopes to make it her full-time job one day soon.  She has created a horror subscription box project that is already starting to rival some of the bigger subscription boxes out there these days.  Subscription boxes have become very popular within genre cliques these days, with everything from arcade video games and comic books to good old-fashioned horror being delivered to doorsteps each month across the country.

What makes Katie’s so unique is the fact that she supplies her subscribers with homemade items, things that will never be found on a Walgreens shelf or in a dollar store clearance bin.  Katie hand makes every piece of merchandise she sends out.

So it was a small wonder that she had time to accept my invitation to chat about her project and her passion for horror because, again, there’s only so much time in a day!


box mask

MANGLED MATTERS:  Tell us a little about yourself.

KATIE TUCKER:  I am one of those people who have always had an interest in a million different things!  I have always had a love for the arts.  I was really able to expand upon that starting in high school.  In high school I was in chorale, swing choir, pom-pon squad, theatre, art and took piano lessons.  I still continue to play the piano and participate in community theatre productions as time allows, however lately time has been a precious commodity.

I told myself that this year was going to be my year for opportunity, so I started a YouTube channel for various types of videos as another hobby.  I also launched my Etsy shop earlier this year.  I enjoy all types of crafting including painting, drawing, jewelry making, wreath making, and making my own home décor, but my most favorite is painting.  I prefer painting with acrylic, and I would like to eventually branch into watercolor.  I love knowing that pieces of my artwork are able to go all around the world and bring happiness to someone else who likes the same things I do!

Also, I am in love with Harry Potter and the TV show FRIENDS.


MM:  Who is your favorite horror film monster or villain?

KT:  My favorite horror film monster has always been Michael Myers.  I am not sure why, but I have a weird obsession with him.  I have also always been very fond of Chucky.  I would have to say that my favorite movie from the Halloween series was H20.


MM:  Where did the idea of the Killer Crafts Subscription Box come from?

KT:  The idea for my box came from a mixture of my love for crafting and scary movies, and also seeing the popularity of subscription boxes on YouTube.  I thought this could be a fun way to share my art with people who share a very specific interest with me.  I wanted to offer a very unique box with items that cannot be found elsewhere.  I love the idea of creating collectible pieces that can’t be mass-produced on the levels that the other boxes are able to.


box movie


MM:  Having seen an unboxing of the Halloween themed subscription box you are preparing, I have to imagine these boxes are quite the time-consuming labor of love for you.  With the items being hand-made, is there a maximum limit to the number of boxes you will make available each month?

KT:  These pieces are indeed a labor of love!  I have thought about this question a lot lately.  Right now, I work full-time while also running my Etsy shop and launching Killer Crafts on the side.  While I am still working full-time, I will probably have to limit the set at 150 per month, however if there is a great amount of interest shown, I would love to be able to get into the 400-500 per month range.  I do not know that I could physically make any more than that since it’s just me!

MM:  How long do you estimate it will take you to complete a full month’s worth of boxes?

KT:  Since everything is handmade, it will take me hours and hours of time every month to make these.  I am very passionate about my art, and I always strive for the highest quality of the work on each item.  I would estimate that it takes roughly two to three hours to complete each individual box.  On the Halloween box, for example, once I get the logo painted on cup, which takes 2 coats of paint, I then have to bake it in the oven to cure it so that it is washable without damaging the artwork.  The canvas painting on the tote bag is tedious because I have to wait for certain areas to dry before I am able to continue and finish the logo on the bag.  And for this box there are two possible canvas designs, one of which is extremely detailed and time-consuming.  The more detailed canvas – the 1978 movie poster replica – takes me about three hours by itself, which is why it was going to be a rare item in the boxes.

I am also planning to randomly select two subscribers for this month’s shipment to receive a special edition box.  There will be a few extra items in these boxes still within the Halloween theme!  I am hoping to be able to do this each month that Killer Crafts is around.


box items

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