Mangled Matters Puts Together A New Format For A More Enjoyable Horror Experience

Greetings, fellow creepy crawlies!

During a reluctant hiatus over the last two weeks, I had a lot of time to rethink the way I want Mangled Matters to go.  With a handful of kick ass articles still sitting in the Draft box that will be going up over the next few days, I will be making Mangled Matters a weekly blog magazine starting on November 16.

Every Friday, Mangled Matters will be pushing out five new articles- a delightfully grotesque combination of interviews, essays, reviews and behind the scenes looks on the coolest shit lurking in the shadows of the horror genre!

So over the next week, get ready to scrape the bottom of the trick or treat bag and pull out a few belated (but still chewy and yummy!) treats that never made it up on here before Halloween!  Then, the fun will begin with the new format and more than a few kick ass surprises, including Mangled Matters’ first contest!!

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has stopped in and visited this blog.  I sincerely appreciate everyone who has contributed to this blog in any way, shape or form. 


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