Flanagan has always professed that Gerald’s Game was a passion project of his- one he’d been envisioning in his head for over twenty years.


All Hail The King: A celebration of Stephen King on his 70th birthday

Stephen King cemented his status in the literary world decades ago and he could have retired a few dozen times over if he really wanted to. But that’s what is so awesome- he doesn’t want to. Rarely do you see a prolific writer still churning out material and new novels at such a rate as they near their fifth decade in the industry. He writes for himself. He writes for his Constant Readers. He writes because that’s what he was born to do.

Women in Horror: a celebration

While a month dedicated to these ladies of terror is fantastic, it is this writer’s humble opinion that the creators who keep our beloved horror genre so fresh and creepy deserve to be shown the love all year around.

Date Night Reviews: GET OUT

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste…” Jordan Peele is known for bringing the laughs, as half of the famed Key & Peele duo.  The show of the same name and internet memes have launched the two men into the comedic stratosphere over the last several years.  Who’d have thought that one of America’s most…