From Show Business To Banging On The Computer Keys: an interview with Tiffany Paulsen

The legacy of bloody Camp Crystal Lake came into Paulsen’s life after three or four callbacks and extensive driving to Vancouver, where Friday the 13th Part 8 was shot.  Her role as Suzi Donaldson in the film, directed by Robert Hedden, was her first big studio Paramount movie.

Women in Horror: a celebration

While a month dedicated to these ladies of terror is fantastic, it is this writer’s humble opinion that the creators who keep our beloved horror genre so fresh and creepy deserve to be shown the love all year around.

Stacy Pippi Hammon and Etheria Film Night: an interview

Etheria Film Night, one of the most well-regarded and grand Women in Horror celebrations in the world.  The festival has helped countless talents gain recognition and, most importantly, support throughout the indie horror community. As a proud Women in Horror supporter who has championed the movement for as long as I have been a member…