5 most disturbing moments in HEREDITARY

Only five?!


Team Gotta/Enk have big news!

Fresh off of starting a fantastic Indiegogo campaign to bring their latest and most ambitious film to date to life (which will be spotlighted on the blog tomorrow evening! Be sure to check in!), the powerhouse independent film making tandem of Jessi Gotta and Bryan Enk have even more awesome news. The duo’s first film…

‘V/H/S’ is a well worn tape that offers some fun.

Directed by: Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Adam Wingard, Matt Bettinell-Olpin, David Bruckner, Tyler Gillett, Justin Martinez, Joe Swanberg, Chad Villella, Radio Silence (2012) Aside from zombies, ‘found footage’ has run amok throughout the horror genre over the last several years.  With the exception of a rare few, most of these films have struggled to bring…