A self-made champion of the genre: an interview with Kya Shore

Perhaps Kya Shore has found some sort of magical time continuum that allows her to enjoy a thirty hour day? That’s really the only explanation I can come up with when reading over Shore’s accomplishments as an author, social media and email marketing specialist and owner/founder of Aspirations Press.

Women in Horror: a celebration

While a month dedicated to these ladies of terror is fantastic, it is this writer’s humble opinion that the creators who keep our beloved horror genre so fresh and creepy deserve to be shown the love all year around.

The night auditor: an interview with author Max Booth III

The life of an independent author is not for the faint of heart.  It also doesn’t come without casualties- countless hours of sleep, canisters of coffee grounds, social get-togethers, ink cartridges.. the list goes on and on.  Very rarely does one simply pen the next great American horror story and get to live out their…