A Convenient Uproar: Jordan Peele can hire whoever he damn well pleases in his films

Times are changing, people. Get used to it.


Haunted Memories: A Monthlong Celebration!

Halloween has always been, and will always be, my favorite holiday.  From carving pumpkins and having a completely valid reason to spend a whole day watching horror films to trick or treating and taking a deep breath of that crisp autumnal air on the first night you can see your breath, October is simply awesome.…

Starting Tonight: The Films That Forever Made Me Creepy!

I always tell the story about my mother showing ‘The Exorcist’ to my sister and I at a ridiculously young age, and while I have grown to appreciate the film, I won’t lie (and I may even make a few enemies) – it doesn’t make my list of favorite horror films. Please, before you break…