50 Days of Halloween, October 14: 5 zombie movies you may have missed

Zombies. Who doesn’t love them?

One of the scariest ideas to man is the idea of being alone- or worse, being left alone with nothing but soulless ghouls looking to devour you at every turn. It’s been a well-trodden path in horror for nearly 100 years.

The movie world has seen its fair share of gut munchers over the years but every now and then, there’s still a film or two that manages to refresh the genre. Below are five zombie flicks that may have gone unnoticed but are certainly deserving of your attention. Enjoy, creeps!

The Battery (2012)

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A well-received indie flick that cost roughly $6,000 to make and took fifteen days to shoot, The Battery is the story of two friends who are former baseball players- one a pitcher, the other a catcher. Hence, the name of the film.

In the early but very vicious stages of a zombie apocalypse, the duo make a brief connection with a group of survivors only to be treated less than hospitably. It’s up to the tandem to fight their way through the living dead. The film is well-rounded with a solid script and some serious emotional weight. An exceptional slice of zombie film, complete with top notch editing and more than stellar acting, this is one that every horror fan should check out.

Maggie (2015)

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The movie gained a ton of attention before even being released for the wrong reason- far too many people seemed unable to grasp the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing anything other than a robot or muscle-bound tough guy.

The truth is, Schwarzenegger gives a phenomenal and heart-felt performance here, alongside Abigail Breslin, who plays Maggie. The young lady has been bitten shortly after a zombie outbreak occurs and she leaves home to protect her family. Papa Arnie refuses to allow his daughter to die alone so he heads out into the gnashing wilderness to bring his girl home. This might be one of my favorite zombie films ever and I truly recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent film that avoids the usual pitfalls of the genre.

Cemetery Man (1994)

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This one’s referred to as a horror-comedy but I see it much more as a horror-black comedy as there’s really not much to laugh about here. It’s a really solid film that should be looked at in a serious light. Francesco Dellamorte is the caretaker for a small cemetery in which the dead rise seven days after being buried. It’s Dellamorte’s responsibility to kill the undead.

As should be expected when a man lives his life among zombies, reality starts to slip away from Francesco and soon the world around him fades away like the memories of those he re-kills.

While this one may not be for everyone, I would recommend it to anyone who may be looking for a different take on a familiar yarn.

The Roost (2004)

Image result for the roost 2004

Director Ti West has made a name for himself as one of the most creative and authentic horror filmmakers of the last two decades. The Roost might be his best of the bunch.

This one is simple enough- a bunch of evil bats are attacking a bunch of innocent townsfolk. The film is presented to the audience by a horror host, which only adds to the macabre pleasure of the whole experience. There are a few surprises throughout the film, as well, so be sure to hold tight until the credits start to roll!

Does it get any more horror-y than a group of friends stranded, a hungry swarm of bats and reanimated corpses?

The Horde (2009)

Image result for the horde 2009

Of the films on this list, this may be my favorite. This French film is downright awesome. A team of vengeful police officers are ready to exact revenge on the drug dealers who killed their colleague. Things don’t go as planned (surprise) and soon cops and criminals alike are fighting for their lives (double surprise!).

I don’t know what I love most about this one, but there are a few things that come to mind immediately- the fact that criminals, cops and zombies all look real (no glamorous outfits or perfect haircuts here, folks) and the bad ass confrontation one of my favorite protagonists has with the walking dead. If you’re looking for a blood-soaked, ultra-violent end to a horror-filled movie night, make this your final film.

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