50 Days of Halloween: ghastly world records

There’s a world record for everything. Hot dog eating, yarn collecting, burp releasing. You name it, someone’s got a certificate tacked to their garage for it.

Here at Mangled Matters, we’re all about the weird, creepy and crazy- the weirdest, creepiest and craziest. So today, we take a look at some wonderfully wicked Halloween-themed world records!

Longest walk-through indoor horror house

Dragon’s House of Horror (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

7, 183 feet long. That’s over a mile and a quarter of scares. Talk about getting your cardio in! The haunt opens soon for this Halloween season.

Largest collection of haunted dolls

La Isla de las Munecas (the island of the dolls) (Mexico)

Home to literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dolls, this tiny island is a hotbed for paranormal activity, tourist interest and a ghastly history.

Rumor has it that the dolls left as tokens of acknowledgement for the young girl come to life during the night, absorbing the energy of the deceased girl.

The gentleman who started the doll collection in the 1950s to appease the disheartened ghost of a young girl passed away in the same canal where the girl died. Since the man’s death in 2001, reports of haunted activity have ramped up even more.

You can visit the island, but seriously- just take my word for it. It’s haunted and there are decrepit dolls everywhere.

Actually- who’s down for a road trip?

World’s largest Ouija board

Windber, Pennsylvania (2016)

The supernatural board stretched over 1,300 feet and took two adults to maneuver the planchette. Created atop the Grand Midway Hotel, the building has its fair share of ghostly encounters.

Loudest scream by an individual 

Jill Drake, London, UK (2000)

Measuring at a ridiculous 129 dbA (decibels), to put things in perspective- any sound over 125 decibels is considered “painful to hear”. In this category, you have aircraft takeoffs, trains and extremely loud concerts… and Jill Drake’s shriek.

Most apples bobbed in one minute

Cherry Yoshitake, Japan (2015)

Cherry picked up thirty-seven apples in sixty seconds to capture this record. That’s some impressive bobbing skills.

On a related note, one time I ate thirty-seven mini Twix bars in sixty minutes and my Halloween ended very poorly that year.

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