32 Days of Halloween: weird as hell true stories

Weird stories. The world is full of them. Some are them are absolute bull crap while others toe the line between fact and fiction.

Then there are same that are straight up, inconceivably true. Below are a collection of weird (and sometimes downright terrifying) true stories that are sure to make you scratch your head… or hide under the covers.

poeEdgar Allan Poe only wrote one novel in his lifetime and that was called The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. In it, a shipwrecked crew decide to draw straws to determine who must sacrifice themselves in order for the others to eat and survive. A man by the name of Richard Parker was the unlucky one to draw the short straw. The book was written in 1838…. in 1884, a yacht called the Mignonette sank on its way from England to Australia. A 17-year-old named Richard Parker was on board and his health was diminishing fast after he fell overboard and decided to drink sea water to stave off thirst. The crew of the boat decided to cannibalize Mr. Parker in order to survive.

Going to the dentist is a nightmare, to be sure, but just imagine if you were around back in the day before dentures were invented. If you needed a tooth replaced back in the good ol’ days, you know what you’d get? The tooth of a dead solider, most likely. Teeth were pulled from the mouths of dead soldiers for this sole purpose. Frankly, I’d rather just deal with looking like a hockey player.

In 1929, a live cat was turned into a telephone. You heard right…. in the bowels of Princeton University, researchers managed to remove part of a cat’s skull, take out a large portion of the feline’s brain and attach an electrode to the poor cat’s body and another to its right auditory nerve. Thus, sadly and grossly, the cat phone was created. Speech was transmitted and “easily received” and the researchers actually considered this a viable means of communication. The cat survived this experiment only to have the researchers kill it and attempt another experiment later on. As inhuman as this story is, there was some good to come out of it – it is widely accepted that this experiment helped push research ahead on cochlear implants.

mordrakeIf you’re a fan of American Horror Story, you already know this one… a man by the name of Edward Mordrake was born with a second face on the back of his head. While the face couldn’t speak, it could laugh and cry. To make this story even more unnerving, the second face would react the exact opposite as Mordrake’s actual face – if Edward was smiling, the second face was grimacing, for example. Mr. Mordrake called this face his “devil twin” as he alleged that the face would “whisper things” to him “that one would only speak about in hell”. The face’s eyes would move and follow onlookers and the lips were constantly moving, as if speaking silently. Mr. Mordrake ended up killing himself when doctors refused to remove the second face, sadly, requesting that the “devil twin” be destroyed prior to burial and that he be buried in a waste place without a stone to mark the grave.

So what are some of your favorite weird true stories? Leave a comment below!


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