50 Days of Halloween: Happy 10th Birthday! A trio of indie gems

Good evening, freaks and ghouls!

This year, for our 50 Days of Halloween celebration, we are going to be doing it a little different. We are kicking off the 2018 Halloween season today, on the 13th of September and will wrap up the freaky festivities on November 1st. Because every self-respecting Halloween fanatic knows 11/1 is an incredibly important date to start gearing up for next year’s celebrations. That’s when candy and prop prices get cut in half, stores potentially offer up their Halloween displays if you beg hard enough and the like.

You probably noticed the painfully obvious makeshift 50 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN banner above. Don’t judge- that’s just a temporary piece until the bad ass official piece is done. Stay tuned!

What better way to start the Halloween party than with a movie marathon? Today, I show some love to three wonderful little spook films that I personally love quite a bit. All three of these flicks are celebrating their tenth birthday this year and deserve your attention.



This Canadian horror film is based on a chilling novel called Pontypool Changes Everything, written by Tony Burgess. The film stars genre favorite Stephen McHattie as a radio DJ named Grant and tells the story of a virus that turns humans into vicious zombie-like monsters with word-of-mouth literally saving lives. Grant and the station manager must figure out what’s causing the world to eat itself outside while also keeping themselves alive and clear of the virus. The tension and suffocating claustrophobia ramps up with every scene as the movie drives to its satisfying climax. I won’t spoil it but this one is a fun as hell watch. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



Directed by Toby Wilkins (The Grudge 3), here’s another “we’re stuck in a very small space with a really bad thing waiting for us outside and it’s hungry” film that makes wonderful use of every penny in its budget. In this one, there’s a flesh-hungry parasite lurking in the woods and it’s attaching itself to humans. These humans then become horribly afflicted monsters. Locked in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a couple and a criminal on the run are forced to fend off the monster without getting infected themselves. This one has some deliciously gut-churning effects. See. It. Now!

The Burrowers


Is there anything better than a time period horror flick set in the wild, wild west? If there is, don’t tell me. This one follows a band of men who set out to hopefully rescue a family of settlers who simply disappeared from their home. Suspecting natives, the men prepare for a good ol’ fashioned gun battle.. only to find out that the villain is actually much more horrifying- and very inhuman. Clancy Brown is a highlight of this cast and the film takes itself seriously enough to be an enthralling western with plenty of scares to rank as one of my favorite indie horror flicks.

Of course, there is a ton of independent horror that everyone who loves the genre should watch at least once but these are three of my personal favorites. Let me know what your favorites are down below! Happy viewing!


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