*UPDATED* Enough is enough: museum founder arrested on child pornography crimes

In this country’s current political, social and conscious landscape, we are seeing uprisings and hearing voices louder than ever when it comes to injustices in the workplace, sexual harassment, abuse and inequality. Whether the hot button at hand is race, gender or political party, it’s been a very eye-opening last few years in America.

And it’s about damn time.

Victims of sexual monsters shouldn’t have to bear the burden of shame and hurt. Women shouldn’t be subjected to lower wages than their male counterparts. Black men shouldn’t be targeted differently than white men by police or the judicial system.

In a world where things like the above statement actually have to be said out loud on a daily basis, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to police ourselves, call out someone else’s bullshit and defend those who simply aren’t being heard. We can do better as a society. We have to do better as a society.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that it’s not just multi-millionaire shit heads who are doing this stuff, either.

See one Huston Huddleston, founder of the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and Hollywood Horror Museum. Funds, recognition and memorabilia donations have been pouring in for these two projects for a handful of years now as Huddleston was hailed as a true fan who was doing amazing work to preserve the legacy of the genres so many of us love so dearly.

Now he’s being recognized as the child predator he truly is. Within the last week, it began to get leaked that Huddleston was not on a “long vacation” as had been said for some time now. Rather, he has been charged with three counts of sexual crimes against a minor and on bail for $750,000. The charges include making contact with a minor with intent to commit a felony, coercing a minor to participate in the production of child pornography and possessing pornography produced using a person under 18 years of age.

While it was beginning to be spoken about less than a week ago, that’s still plenty of time for any and all entertainment outlets, especially those who specialize in the horror and science fiction communities, to call out the actions of a human so many highly regarded. Yet, as of press time, this story has gotten little to no interest.

A Facebook post on May 21 brought the disturbing news to light, complete with screenshots of Huddleston’s booking and criminal charges information. The news was broken by Crystal House who, along with a number of other concerned people, had been looking into rumored nefarious activity by Huddleston for some time. There were ninety reactions to the post, sixteen shares and roughly twenty comments.

To put those dishearteningly low numbers into perspective, the pages for the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum and the Hollywood Horror Museum have over twenty-one thousand likes combined.

A group of volunteers for the museums and the U.S.S Gene Roddenberry Facebook page wholeheartedly disassociated themselves with the man or the projects Huddleston represented.

But where are the articles on the major horror news sites? Why do I still have thirty-two mutual friends with Huddleston? Simply put- why is there not more outrage and wide-ranging acknowledgement of these heinous crimes?

Some will say “innocent until proven guilty”, but if your bail is set at $750,000 and you’ve been accused of child pornography, I’m of the mindset that you are guilty until proven innocent. Because I know hundreds of men and women who watch pornography on the regular, I know dozens and dozens of filmmakers and I know handfuls of people who are downright weird as hell, but none of them have ever been tangled up in child porn accusations. Why? Because that’s not something you simply “fall into” or “accidentally click on”. It’s not “flirting”, it’s not “joking around” if you’re having indecent discussions with a minor. It’s disgusting. It’s despicable. And it’s time these dirt bags are brought to justice.

Mangled Matters will not share a photo of Huddleston nor will we link his museum projects. I fully expect the multitude of genre icons associated with these museums to take a stand and completely withdraw any association with the projects, as well. Mick Garris already has.

Enough is enough. It’s time to call out Huston Huddleston for what he truly is and watch his projects crumble to the ground as (hopefully) donors and other museums get back their props and memorabilia before it’s too late.

Make your voices heard, people. You are worth it.

UPDATE: below are screen shots that have circulated online recently regarding the charges against Huddleston. Also, it has been revealed that numerous men, women and groups who have donated memorabilia to the museums have begun investigations into whether or not Huddleston has been attempting to sell donated items on online auction sites in order to make bail, per Dread Central. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “*UPDATED* Enough is enough: museum founder arrested on child pornography crimes

  1. THANK YOU for covering this true horror story! As a survivor of #MeToo I say #TimesUp for #HustonHudddleston. The story goes deeper. Look at the fraud. The charity is NOT a 501(c)3 (SEE IRS.gov) as publicized and they are not registered with stated of California to do business. (SEE sos.ca.gov search businesses and charities) .

    • I stand with those who have been traumatized by monsters like Huddleston and I applaud you for doing the same.
      There is so much to this story, it’s absolutely terrible. Justice must be served and I’m really hoping the celebs attached to the boards for the museum start speaking out a bit, too.

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