Date Night Reviews: GET OUT

Film Title: Get Out

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste…”

Jordan Peele is known for bringing the laughs, as half of the famed Key & Peele duo.  The show of the same name and internet memes have launched the two men into the comedic stratosphere over the last several years.  Who’d have thought that one of America’s most recognizable funny men just so happened to have one hell of a creepy story to tell?

Thankfully, Blumhouse continues to become the shining gem of the horror-producing world and picked up a film that is rich in racial commentary but never feels as if it is being forced down the audience’s throat.  

Get Out is the story of Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams), a bi-racial couple who is headed up to Rose’s family’s home for the weekend to introduce Chris to her parents and brother.  Of course, it just so happens this is also the weekend that “the big party we throw for Grandpa” is to take place, leaving Chris just a little concerned that Rose has never mentioned to her family that he is, in fact, black.

Of course, things turn sour quick and Chris is in a hypnotizing world of terror faster than you can say:


Krystina:  This film had a lot of surprises and the lead up to the climax was impressive.  This wasn’t a half-hearted story.  The back story of what exactly is going on with Chris was really fleshed out.  I didn’t leave the theater with a bunch of questions.

Justin:  There was heart to the story of Chris, too.  The whole torment he had lived through regarding his mother and then he’s forced into this nightmare.  You were definitely rooting for him to not only survive, but kick some serious ass in the process.

Krystina:  Of course, the racism in the film has gotten a lot of exposure, and that’s definitely a serious topic to discuss about this film, but that’s not all this movie was.  It wasn’t just a “white people are crazy” movie (laughs).

Justin:  The not-so-subtle racism and even the awkward moments that most of us have either lived through or seen first hand, like the cop asking Chris for his ID and Bradley Whitford as Rose’s father telling Chris he’d vote for Obama a third time if he could, were really well done in the film.

Krystina:  The acting was phenomenal throughout the movie, too. Everyone was fantastic.

Justin:  I thought LilRey Howery stole the show any time he was on-screen as Rod, Chris’s best friend.  I loved that friendship.  They were hilarious.  Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener made your skin crawl as Rose’s parents.  Williams was really good in the girlfriend role but man oh man, Daniel Kaluuya really crushed it.  I think he’s going to blow up after this film.

Krystina:  Howery brought really good comedic relief right when it was needed throughout the movie.  Kaluuya was phenomenal – he can definitely carry a movie on his own.


Justin:  The thing I loved most about this movie, and there were a lot of reasons why I enjoyed it so much, is that it’s a fresh take on horror.  You can tell Jordan Peele is a true fan of the genre, a guy who studies it and “gets” it.  There’s a ton of psychological tension and the build-up is excellent.  The pay off works really well, too.  Obviously, there’s a very strong racial pillar to this film but it wasn’t preachy or awkward for me.  Peele wasn’t making white people the villain as much as he was making Chris the hero.

Krystina:  Not every horror movie has to be a blood bath.  The psychological warfare that Chris went through was just as scary as a gore fest would have been for me.  I can relate to the bi-racial relationship tension, having been in one myself.  Peele definitely showcased the uncomfortable questioning and commentary from outsiders perfectly.

Justin:  Oh, you mean it isn’t normal for someone to ask you, “Is it true? Is it better in bed with a black man?” (laughs)  I also really liked how the violence was implied more than it was shown over the course of the movie.  I didn’t need to see a head get split open to know what happened.  I think if the film did show the gore, it would have taken away from what was truly important in the film.  Rather than discuss the cultural issues in the film, we’d be oohing and aahing over someone getting their throat slit or someone getting their head crushed in.

Krystina:  I really liked this one.  I was creeped out, impressed and entertained.  I definitely give it two thumbs up!

Justin:  I loved the flick and will most definitely be adding it to my collection.  Two big thumbs up!


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