10 days until Halloween: TWD prep help for tomorrow!

Happy Saturday, folks!  Your favorite horror newbie here, ready to assist in any way I can!

It’s a little chilly outside, but the sun is shining and The Walking Dead: Season Seven premiers tomorrow!  As some of you may or may not know, Justin and I are HUGE Walking Dead fans; Justin since the beginning and I binged watched the first three seasons when I met him.  We are more than invested, these “walker demolishers” are family to us.  Spoiler alert: Negan (head of The Saviors) most definitely bashed someone’s head in at the end of Season Six.  The audience couldn’t see who it was, but it was violent, brutal and heart wrenching to know that one of our beloved cast members are now six feet under.


She’s a bad bitch, that Lucille.

If you’re like me and the hubby, you MUST prepare for this premiere.  This isn’t just a show you flip over to after missing the first twenty minutes or watch half of it and go to bed.  This is important.  This is something us fans have been not so patiently waiting to see since April of this year.  In case you struggle in the “concept of time” department, like me, that’s 202 days of waiting!  For six months, we’ve sat around wondering: who it was that got bludgeoned to death?  We’ve put together a lot of theories in our head since the finale of Season six, watched videos or read articles where other fans “proved” who received the sweet kiss of death from Lucille, but alas here we are, 22 hours away from finding out and I am freakin’ out! Haha!

We’ve watched since the beginning, in horror, as Noah was torn apart while stuck in revolving doors, Shane was murdered by Rick, Andrea kills herself after being bitten, Tyreese dies after being bitten (even after his bitten arm was amputated), Carol tells Lizzie to “just look at the flowers”, Lori dying after an emergency C-section of baby Judith, The Governor decapitating our beloved Hershel, Denise is shot through the back of the head with Daryl’s crossbow, Beth was shot in the head after stabbing Dawn at the hospital, Carl losing an eye and almost dying after being shot – all of this and we’re still trembling at the thought of Negan so effortlessly snuffing out the life light of someone we’ve grown to really care for, however fictional.  A bond has been made with the crew and any death would pull at our heart-strings.


Negan, taunting the crew.

If your mind is too flustered, you’ll forget the essentials.  Let me help – read further for a check list of things you’ll need for this premiere:

TISSUES (oh, you’ll need them), SNACKS (to hopefully prevent chewing all your nails off in anticipation), TASTY BEVERAGE (helps with dry throat after screaming), COMFY CLOTHES (to give you some feeling of coziness), CHOCOLATE (do I need to explain this part?), and LOVED ONES (do not and I repeat, do not watch this alone).

In last season’s finale and this season’s premiere, the group is all on their knees, tied up as directed by Negan.  He’s playing with them and there’s no way out. We’ve never seen the group submit to anyone!  We’ve never seen them so absolutely powerless.  Negan and his crew are in control and our group knows they’re screwed.  In other words, loss is imminent.  Negan has already explained he’s going to kill one of them and there’s not a damn thing Rick or anyone else can do about it.  Rick’s slow transformation of losing all power literally made me tear up.  You could see his panic, fear and inferiority on his face.

So, guys: get ready, do yoga, meditate, pray, whatever you have to do to get your shit together, DO IT NOW.


Rick Grimes

Some loving advice from Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes):

“I think that the audience needs to not watch the returning episode alone.  Be with your loved ones and hold hands and make a nice meal.  Really say nice things to each other and tell them that you love them before you embark on this journey.”

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