We meet again, freaks and fiends!

If we are friends on Facebook, you may have seen a live video Krystina and I did recently discussing a Facebook Live Horror Trivia Night extravaganza we were planning!  Because, really, what’s more fun that horror trivia!?

The answer to that one is nothing and if you answered correctly, that would have netted you one point if this were a question on our Trivia Night!

Because it’s really going to be that simple- join in on the fun by checking out my Facebook page THIS SATURDAY at 7:30pm!  If you aren’t a friend of mine on FB already, toss me a friend request and I’ll add you.  If you just want to be a part of the Horror Trivia Night, that’s fine, too – I can add you for the event and then unfriend you about as quickly as Jason would unfriend Freddy after their reign of terror at Camp Crystal Lake!

There is going to be a ton of trivia being tossed around, a chance to win some prizes and some other fun stuff that I’m currently lining up.  All you gotta do is check out my Facebook page, this Saturday at 7:30pm central time, to join in on the fun!



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