23 days until Halloween: DIY light up the night!

Nothing creeps me out more than candle light flickering in the dark – shadows can play tricks on you and the orange hue of the flame is so freaky looking. On that note: I found some creative DIY candle decorations for Halloween on the web.  There were tons to choose from, but I like these two best.  So, I sent the hubs to the dollar store to grab the supplies.  We’re all about saving money when we can and all of the supplies were easy to find there.

This first project was fun to make and cost us less than four dollars.

Ghost Face Candles

You’ll Need:

3 tall glass candles (white)

permanent marker


Just draw some crazy faces on the glass, however you’d like. It’s so simple, a zombie could do it!

Next, we got a little messy with wax, but not what you think. Haha!  This one was fun, creative and creepy.

Bloody Candles

You’ll Need:

3 standing candles (whatever sizes you like best)

2 red candlesticks

a long lighter

a sheet of paper or something to catch the wax from dripping


  • Melt the candlesticks above the white candle, so it looks like droplets of blood. The paper is to catch all the wax, you’d be surprised how fast it melts.
  • We had it pooled on the top and dripping down the side, for a totally creepy effect.


So, there ya have it- bloody ass candles and cute ghost faces! Makes for a fun little craft night and adds a few extra pieces to our Halloween collection, that we made ourselves!

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