25 days until Halloween: What’s your favorite scary movie scene?


One of my favorite things about October is the fantastic schedule that most television channels put out to celebrate the weird, the creepy and the Halloween-y!

From marathons to classic film showings, you can find something to get you in the spooky mood no matter what level of horror you can stand.  Of course, in this writer’s humble opinion, nothing beats a good old-fashioned movie marathon – films you own yourself so you can avoid commercials and edits.  Because what’s the fun of watching The Evil Dead unless you get to see Cheryl stab Linda in the ankle with a pencil?!

So with that in mind, I decided to ask a group of random folks from a Facebook page that I’m quite fond of – what is your favorite scary movie scene?

Did your favorite scary scene make the list?


“Pretty much any scene where Pinhead is giving a speech”


“The fourt wall break in ALIEN.  No idea why…”

“The end scene of Sleepaway Camp.”

“Here’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining.  Shelley Duvall went through hell to shoot that scene and you can see it in the desperate, ragged fear in her face.”


“The last scene in The Blair Witch Project.” 

(Ed. Note – this was mentioned numerous times)


“The final speech of Martyrs.”


“When Kevin Bacon sat next to the dead girl in Stir of Echoes.”



“The beginning of Suspiria, with the girl being hanged.”


“The scene near the end of Halloween when Michael slowly sits up behind Laurie.”


“The entire scene on the moors in American Werewolf in London.  It builds tension better than any film I’ve ever seen.”

“The scene with the bathroom sink in IT.  I can’t look at bathrooms sinks the same.”

“In the original Evil Dead, when Cheryl says “Soon you will all be like me – then who will lock you up in the cellar?!”.. Absolutely unforgettable!”

“There’s a scene in Friday the 13th II… Jason is coming after the girl who’s just discovered his mother’s head in his shack. Jason can be seen running in the distance until finally he gets up close. The way the scene registers with the eye and brain is remarkable.”



“The Grady Twins’ introduction in The Shining.”

“The scene in House of the Devil when the guy asks Greta Gerwig’s character, “Are you not the babysitter?”

The Ring – the scene with the girl in the closet with the distorted face!”

The Grudge, when the girl crawls up on the bed and under the blankets..”

“Pretty much every split screen abduction video in The Fourth Kind.”

It Follows – the scene in the abandoned building where the main character is chained to the wheelchair and the woman is approaching her.. so… slowly..”



“The jump scare in Wait Until Dark where Alan Arkin jumps out at Audrey Hepburn. I yelled the first time I saw it.”


Poltergeist.  ‘They’re heeeeeere…'”

“Even though the movie wasn’t great, in Grave Encounters 2, they get in the elevator in the hotel and it opens back in the asylum.  I have had that nightmare.  It was chilling.”

“Captain Howdy’s face in The Exorcist. Still freaks me out.”

“I really love the scene from The Birds that starts with crows gathering on the playground equipment and end up attacking the kids.  It builds such pristine dread, and then amplifies it as the kids have to walk calmly and not panic.  Also, not many movies have the guts to let monsters just attack the shit out of kids en masse.”

“The scene in The Conjuring with the hide and clap game with the ghost.”

“The scene in Insidious when the family are sitting round the table and a red demons face flashes behind the dad.  It totally caught me by surprise, fucking jumped off the sofa.”



Inisidious again.  I think the scene where the camera is following the woman and the ghost child is hiding in the corner out of focus was an amazing scene in terms of scares.”

“The end of Friday the 13th when Jason jumps out of the lake.”

“I Saw The Devil … The taxi sequence.”

“The scene with the psychic in The Orphanage – done perfectly.”

The Smiling Man.  Not a full-lenth movie but short films like this I stumble across are often as scary as full features.”



“The Psycho shower scene – classic.  Always cringe worthy, always terrifying, impossible to look away.”

“I saw Cloverfield opening night.  That first “shit is going down” scene, the one that starts on the roof with the debris coming down and continues through the rush back down the stairwell, with the camera cutting out and everything, it STILL makes me feel excited and nervous, just like the first time I saw it.”

Black Christmas (1974) has the best scenes, but my favorite is the phone call scene right before shit starts to go down.”

A Tale of Two Sisters, when the stepmum goes to look under the sink after the dinner party. So so so tense.”



” The bed scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street, when she’s dragged across the ceiling.”

“Wes Craven’s People Under The Stairs.  When the guy in the gimp suit is running all over the house like the nut job he is.”

“The remake of Dawn of the Dead, that first scene, when they are in bed, with the little kid trying to eat them, to her running outside and seeing the dude getting hit by the ambulance scared the shit out of me!”

“The end of the original The Wicker Man.”

“Ugh, watching Zelda get fed broth or whatever the hell in Pet Sematary ties for me with that hospital hallway scene with its fixed camera from The Exorcist III.”



“I would say the scene in Jacob’s Ladder where he’s getting pushed through the asylum from Hell has to be on this list, too.”

“Call me an old-fashioned grandma, but the ending of the original Night of the Living Dead. So bleak, a twist, and the perfect ending.”

“When that little girl crawls out of the TV in The Ring – so creepy, not only within the context of the film, but the jerky way she does it is just terrifying.”

Halloween, when Laurie is running out of the house, screaming for help and the neighbors just shut their blinds.”

So as you can see, James Wan definitely is able to get under folks’ skin and nothing beats the originals!  So, did you favorite scary scene make the list? Share your favorites that weren’t mentioned in the comment section below!



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