29 days until Halloween: DIY Golden Pumpkins!

Happy Saturday, folks!

Most importantly, happy first day of Halloween!  On a rainy day that didn’t allow for much outdoor activity, I saw a pumpkin decor project on Pinterest that I wanted to try and duplicate.  It involved inserting thumb tacks into a foam pumpkin, creating a solid gold or silver base instead of your typical orange gourd.

I knew that my lovely husband would help, as he does with everything else, so I sent him out to get the supplies we’d need!  I suggested he visit our local dollar store, as a lot of the items needed could be purchased there to save some money and keep this a project for any budget.  We completed these pumpkins for a grand total of $10.  Granted, we already had the hot glue gun (which you don’t need if you aren’t going to add a vine to the pumpkins) but that ten dollars also made us three awesome pumpkins!


For three pumpkins, you will need:

6 gold thumb tack packs (300 count) * silver can be used, as well.

3 foam pumpkins (large, medium and small size)

1 artificial autumn leaves vine

  • hot glue gun optional



  • Insert tacks around stem of pumpkin in a circular formation (see picture below)image2-5
  • If the stem is Styrofoam as well, cover it completely with tacks
  • Starting at bottom of stem, work your way down the pumpkin in the same circular formation.  Shingle tacks slightly to make sure entire pumpkin surface is covered.
  • When pumpkin is completely covered, choose the leaf you prefer from the autumn vine and find a spot near the stem where there is a gap between two thumb tacks.  Using a tack, make a hole in the gap for the leaf/vine.
  • Fill tack hole with hot glue and then insert leaf stem/vine.image2-7

Voila!  You have a beautiful modern decoration to be the highlight of any room!


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