33 days until Halloween: short story contest!!

Well, it’s that time of year again… the countdown is nearing the 31 day mark, temperatures are cooling off outside and Spirit shops all over the country have opened their doors for business.  This also means it’s time for Mangled Matters’ second annual Short Story Contest!

Last year, there were some really fantastic entries and the winning stories were pure nightmare fuel that got me through just about 365 days!  Now it’s time to rev up the monster machine again and the rules are pretty simple:

  • No word count. From 50 words to 5,000 words – we want the creepiest story you can come up with!
  • If it’s scary, creepy, or weird – we want it!  If it’s overly gross, loaded with expletives or “gore porn” – no thank you!

It’s really that easy.

To enter, simply email me your story to  JHhorrors@yahoo.com

Please put SHORT STORY SUBMISSION in the subject line of the email and be sure to include your first and last name in the email body!

Of course, I would never ask for your precious time and creepy stories without offering any sort of awesome prize packs!

The scare packages are shaping up nicely – there is a small pile of delightful creepiness building up in my office that will be getting dispersed to the winners this year.  We are also keeping the monster ooze and eyeball juice to a minimum, to avoid any hassles with the post office in case we have to ship the goodies off to you!

1st place: Trick-r-Treat bucket o’ goodies

2nd place: Scare Package

3rd place: Eerie Envelope

Deadline:  Monday, October 17

Winners Announced:  Friday, October 21


So let’s see what ya got!  Happy writing!



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