36 days until Halloween: mother-daughter painting adventure!

This past week, my mom found a local artist hub that was offering a DIY guided painting session, with an autumn theme.  The day she invited me, I was stoked.  That’s just the kind of activity I enjoy and Fall is my favorite season.  Anything with my mom is always fun, but it was a bonus because I love to paint.  The location was in Lake Villa at Julie’s Coffee – imagine a cozy studio with one-of-a-kind paintings on the wall, an inviting coffee bar and aprons splattered with every color paint you can imagine.

All of us gathered around a long table and the fun began.  There were experienced painters all the way to amateurs, like myself.  We engaged in small talk, waiting for the instructor, Daisy, to gather our canvas and set out the paint.  She explained that this would be our interpretation of a smaller print-out she showed us, of trees in a clearing and leaves, all in their fall glory.  It was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to start.  She handed out our supplies and began to explain the steps we were to follow for the process of this painting.  It honestly seemed like something I could do!

Daisy would explain a step, show us on the canvas and then we would follow suit.  She was perfectly descriptive and extremely patient with us.  We only were to use primary colors, so she mixed hers while showing us. I tell ya, mixing colors is an exact science. Blue and yellow makes green, blue and red makes purple and so on. I ended up using too much blue most of the time while painting the trees, resulting in a slate grey color that wouldn’t evolve into any other color than grey! Haha.

Once we got our groove down, it was so much fun to refer back to the tiny sheet of paper showcasing what the painting should look like (unless, of course, the artist had a different perception of the picture). I found myself nervous of fucking it up totally, but then realizing it was my painting and therefore, my  interpretation – just like Daisy had said.  Mom was doing very well (she’s a natural at that stuff) and I was catching on, slowly. The canvas was starting to look more like a picture, instead of a bunch of lines, swipes and blobs.


Stopped for a picture. All smiles on my end, Mom’s focused as hell!

We were coming to the end of the night and our painting adventure with Daisy.  Mine was nearly finish and I was quite satisfied. Mom was fussing over hers, adding the finishing touches. I thought, ‘amazing what you can do with a professional guiding you’. We signed our masterpieces and helped clean our painting space. Mom and I stayed a little later to chat with Daisy.  We explained how wonderful an experience we had and thanked her for her guidance.

The paintings turned out great and really kept us in the Fall mood!


Finished product! We’re so very happy with how they turned out, definitely autumnally awesome!




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