35 days until Halloween: visiting the pumpkin patch!

I’ve lived in northern Illinois my entire life and one of the most fun places to visit during this awesome time of year is Kroll’s Farm.  Located in Waukegan and nestled nicely on a dirt road about a quarter-mile from any major road in a town with a population nearing 100,000, Kroll’s is a staple for local elementary school field trips but also offers a ton for those of us who are young at heart.


Once you find your spot in the gravel parking lot, a short stroll leads you to one heck of a gift shop tent, loaded with fall and Halloween decorations.  It took a seriously strong will for us to walk out of there without forgoing bills for next month and simply loading up on some really cool decor.

One thing I’ve always liked about Kroll’s – and I’m sure most parents and teachers do, too – is that they offer a pumpkin picking area but they do the dirty work.  Your kiddos aren’t wading through puddles or sludging through nasty hay and mud to get to their pumpkin – the folks at Kroll’s have them set up neatly in rows, by price, clean and ready to go home with you.  This also allows for some really nice photo ops with your family and/or friends.

Head to the back of the farm and you’re suddenly in a full-blown petting zoo.  From roosters and donkeys to a miniature horse, alpacas and goats, there are also turkeys and chickens.  You can feed goats Cheerios and hold a baby goat.

During our visit with the goats, the owner of the farm chatted with us about the benefits of removing the horns from her goats.  It obviously keeps the guests safer and also the goats.  I never considered that a goat could get their head stuck in the fence and potentially break their neck during the panic, trying to get out if their horns stay intact!

You can even hear the turkeys, up close, gobble and curse us humans out in their turkey language as we prepare to eat their family members in a few months.

Of course, the real crowd-pleaser at Kroll’s is a corn maze that is simply awesome at night.  Wait a few more weeks, until the nights start getting a chill to them and it’s simply the perfect Fall night evening.  You can enjoy the maze, follow it with a bonfire and sip on some apple cider.  Perfection!

We skipped the maze today, as it was, you know, daytime but we have already decided we will be heading into the corn rows very, very soon!

On our way out, as storm clouds rolled in and the sweet scent of pumpkin donuts finally got to me, we stopped at the concession stand and picked up a freshly baked pumpkin donut and then scooped up a very cool ceramic pumpkin decoration for our living room from the gift shop tent!


For a grand total of $7.50, we had a priceless Sunday visit to a local mainstay.


Check out the info in the photo below and plan your visit to Kroll’s today!



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