42 days until Halloween: autumnal eye candy!

Ready to get your home all decked out for the autumnal season?  If you’re like me, you definitely are.

Here’s a little inexpensive – but fun! – project to get you in the mood!

For this project, we headed to our local dollar store and picked up our supplies for this piece.  It cost us a grand total of $5:

  • 2 – frames (we used a 3×5 and a 4×6)
  • 1 – small bag of decorative autumnal leaves
  • 1 – decorative fall flower, single stem
  • 1 – pack of super glue

You will also need a pair of scissors and paper for the frame’s background.  I used a single sheet of copy paper as the background for both frames – any plain white paper will do.  You can use any color background you want, but I chose white so the focus stays on the item in the frame.

I did the flower frame first.

First, I removed the back of the frame and used the stock photo that was inside to measure out the white paper I needed for the background piece.

Next, I detached the flower from the stem and also removed the small plastic piece that held the flower to the stem, using scissors.  Removing this piece makes the flower thinner to fit in the frame.

Using the super glue, I attached the flower to the white background paper.  I tried to keep the flower as centered as possible, but you can choose whatever placement you prefer.

As soon as the glue was dry, I reassembled the frame and there you go!  A beautiful piece to highlight any room!

For the leaf frame, I followed the steps above with the only difference being I added a little more brown (using a Sharpie) for a more autumnal look.

I really like the simplicity of the flower/leaf in the frame all alone instead of having other distractions in the frame.





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