43 days until Halloween: 5 creepy stories you can read for free RIGHT NOW!

Good morning, boils and ghouls!

Nothing gets the weekend started off on the right foot better than a collection of goosebump-inducing short stories!

Here are five that I not only love, but have had a lasting impression on me.  Scary, weird, moody or just plain gross – here are a handful of fantastic short stories for your creepy consideration!



Pigeons From Hell, by Robert E. Howard

Voodoo, pigeons and creepy woods.  This is one of those stories that really sinks into your pores and settles in beneath the skin.  Gotta love it.  Stephen King has called this story “one of the finest horror stories of our century”.  Joe Lansdale adapted this short story into a comic book mini-series in 2008.  You’re gonna like this one.


The Open Window, by Saki

When I think of Halloween stories, Saki’s ‘The Open Window’ is always the first to immediately jump out of my mind.  Atmospheric and haunting, this one has had film and television adaptations but nothing beats the original story.


Ten Things to Know About the Ten Questions, by Gwendolyn Kiste

Having lived in Waukegan, IL (home of Ray Bradbury) my entire life, I have a deep-rooted fondness for those eerie stories that really pluck at the heart strings.  Melancholy, descriptions so vivid you can practically hear the leaves crunch or the tinker of a set of jacks.  Kiste is a force to be reckoned with in the indie writing community and this is a great story to get introduced to her.

The Boogeyman, by Stephen King

The King makes the list, of course.   This one is probably my all-time favorite short story of his, although it’s close (*cough* Grey Matter *cough*).

This one tells the story of a man who has lost his entire family to a terrible evil.  The worst part?  The big baddie may not be done with him yet.


The Jar, by Ray Bradbury

Nothing says creepy more like a carnival, the swamps of Louisiana and a jar full of weird liquid and something that may or not be living.  Bradbury rarely struggles to captivate an audience but this one will have you falling head over heels into his imagination.





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