Date Night Reviews: DON’T BREATHE

Good evening, freaks and fiends!

As we were planning our Sunday this past weekend, there really wasn’t any doubt that part of what was actually a beautiful late summer day was going to be spent in the cool confines of our local theater, checking out the highly anticipated Don’t Breathe.

We had been looking forward to this film for quite some time.  The hype bug got to this one pretty quickly, with many considering it “the scariest movie of the year”.  Directed by Fede Alvarez with the Evil Dead team of Raimi and Tapert as producers, it should come as no surprise that Don’t Breathe raked in over $26 million this past weekend.

But don’t take the box offices’ word for it – trust your dependable Date Night Review team instead!

Krystina Hamelin:  The suspense definitely starts right at the beginning, as we are introduced to our protagonists right in the middle of one of their signature heists.

Justin Hamelin: The trio of Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) are a fun bunch.  This is one of those films where you have to root for the lesser of two evils, and this group of thieves is way easier to root for than The Blind Man, played brilliantly by Stephen Lang, whom they meet fairly early in the film.  This feels like Minnette’s break-out role, to me.  He was awesome here.


Minnette and Levy stumble upon some truly crazy stuff

KH:  These are clearly flawed characters, and I found that I was able to relate to them a little easier due to these flaws.  Rocky is definitely the kind of bad ass character I can relate to.  She’s independent, tough and resourceful.  She has heart, too – there’s a motive to her way of life.

 Levy is a force to be reckoned with.  She’s worked with Alvarez before (on Evil Dead) and you can tell she trusts him completely.  This was a brutal role to play, physically and mentally I’m sure, and there has to be a comfort level between actress and director for this to work convincingly.  I like that one of the things you instantly noticed in the film was that Levy was in very minimal makeup, so she totally fit the part through and through.

The whole film appeared gritty and raw, just like you’d imagine that part of Detroit would look.  Kudos deserves to go out to the camera work on this film, as well.  The cinematography, especially when we are first introduced to The Blind Man’s house, is really cool.  It was like cake layers (laughs) as we went from the basement of the house all the way up to The Blind Man’s bedroom.  We even saw in between levels of the house, which was different.

JH:  The sets were as dark as the story in this film.  Lots of shadows and closed doors, two of the best things about horror movies.

KH:  Speaking of dark, Lang was extremely convincing as The Blind Man.  His mannerisms and actions were spot on.  Having lost sight, his hearing was exceptionally heightened.  This made it even harder for Rocky, Alex and Money to rob his ass!

JH:  Oh yeah, Lang is definitely one of the more memorable villains of the last decade or so in horror cinema.  His nasty points went up a whole hell of a lot when he turned on that damn stove.  No spoilers here, though!

KH:  That certainly was a rough scene.  You could hear a collective groan throughout the theater.

JH:  There were a few twists in this film and I honestly didn’t expect any of them.  That’s always a good sign for a movie.

KH:  The ending was a bit unbelievable to me, but no spoilers here!  Let’s just say it was shocking.

JH:  I liked the ending and really thought it was going to end another way.  I’m glad it didn’t.  This ending worked well and definitely capped off this creepy flick.



















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