250-word Short Stories!

With the 250-word horror story contest wrapped up and winning parcels being shipped out tomorrow, I didn’t want to just showcase the three stories that placed in the contest.  There were three other entries that were quite awesome in their own right and I felt it was only right to spotlight each and every person who took the time to support my contest and show some creepy creativity!

First up, we learn that collection stamps and trading cards just doesn’t do it for some people.  As if roommates didn’t have enough stigmas about them, let’s enjoy this eerie little tale….




by C.A. Verstraete

With Burt busy upstairs making them lunch, Ernie knew this was his chance.  He could finally take a quick look around his friend’s room, something he never got to do since Burt hardly left it for long.

Now that looks interesting, he thought.

The closet door opened with a groan.  He stood there and stared.


So good old Burt had a secret hobby…

He wasn’t sure whether to run or throw up, but after a few minutes he leaned in closer for a better view.  Dead, glassy eyes stared back from the row after row of jars.  Ernie shivered.

     Once Burt returned, Ernie tried to pay attention, but his thoughts kept going back to his friend’s weird collection.  He knew he’d better get his mind on what he was doing when Burt swore at him a second time.

     “C’mon, pay attention,” Burt yelled. “You’re screwing up the game.”

Ernie found it easy to sneak out of the house in the wee hours of the night while everyone slept.  No one ever suspected he’d gone out.

Humming to himself, he admired his colorful and growing collection.  The jar of eyes had a nice assortment of blue, green, and brown eyeballs.  The jar of toes had some pretty pink, purple and green painted toenails he’d collected on his nightly jaunts.

He sharpened the knife, thinking of his stepmother’s bright red fingernails and the two-tone manicure he’d seen on the lady next door.  Maybe it was time to start a new jar.


Christine Verstraete enjoys writing the unusual.  Her stories have been published in several anthologies including in the upcoming Young Adventurers: Heroes, Explorers and Swashbucklers and Zen of the Dead.  Another story will be in the November issue of Mystery Weekly.  She also is author of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie and Changes: A Girl Z Prequel. Learn more at Christine’s official website and her blog




Next up, we go back in time to 1957, where a jilted employee seeks revenge on his former boss.  The only problem with the employee’s plan is that he’s so blind by rage, he makes a major *ahem* slip up…


by Matt Burns

                                                                                                                        November 6th, 1957

Dear Diary,

            Today, He finally told me how much he cared for me. He makes me feel like I am the prettiest, most amazing girl in the world. I sure am lucky to have him.

                                                                        -Penny Evans.


   “Gus! I told you if I caught you slacking off again you would be fired!”

            Gus looked hesitantly and sighed, “Mr. Johnson, I can…”

            “You’re fired.” Mr. Johnson interrupted quickly.

            Gus worked at a small factory in Utah.  He had nothing in his life except his job and his mother.  He decided if Mr. Johnson could take his job away, then he would get revenge.

            It was a cool night.  Gus has been waiting outside Mr. Johnson’s house.

            “Finally,” he thought, when a figure walked out of the house.  He ran up and put a bag over the figure’s head.  Knocked them unconscious and put them in the car.

 He drove to a deep canyon.  He could tell it was a female by the body structure. “No going back now,” he thought dismissively.

He pulled her out of the car, who was able to walk but still disoriented from the blow.  He stood her at the edge of the cliff and in one swift motion ripped the bag off her head and kicked her.. He also slipped in to the canyon.

As he fell, he could see the woman’s face.  It was his mother.  They fell to the bottom of the canyon in unison.  Gus Evans died twice that night.



Lastly, we have a tale of bullying that ends up really getting the bullies stuck in a nasty situation…


by Marjorie Wings


Finally the day had come.

Their nasty pranks, the atomic wedgies, every lunch they took!

Jake ran away from the skatepark and yelled, “Come on assholes, catch me if you can!”

The adrenaline was pumping through him, he could feel it throbbing through his veins.  He could hear that son of a bitch, Tommy, screaming, “Jakey, it’s no use! We gonna catch you!”

Tommy was the ring leader of their nasty little group and he was gonna pay.  Jake had been planning this for months and nothing would stop him from finally getting his revenge.  These guys had no clue what was waiting for them.

He had to pace himself. He didn’t want those fuckers to give up if he got too far ahead.

“Jakey! Jaaaaaakey,”

They were getting close.

He stopped about 150 yards inside the edge of a wooded area that no one would enter…unless, of course, you are Tommy!  Tommy never stops, but today he will!  Jake stood, panting, waiting for them to break through the wooded wall.  And then it happened- they all came barreling through and came to a stop right where he wanted them.  Stupid fucks.


They all got caught and swooped up into the air before they knew what had happened.  The rope trap worked brilliantly!

As he dug his gas filled SuperSoaker out of the bush from where he hid it, he pulled a lighter from his pocket. The last thing those bastards heard was “Burn in hell!”



Well there you have it, folks!  Six of the creepiest short stories you’re bound to find on the internet!  Hope you enjoyed them and thank you very much, again, to the fantastic folks who penned these terrifying tales!


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