250-word horror story contest: A trip down memory lane



The third-place entry in Mangled Matters’ 250-word horror story contest was submitted by Janice Beake.  This story hits on alot of levels for me.  I’m a sucker for time pieces, I love graveyard settings and there’s truly nothing scarier than the dark.


Let’s get creepy…


by Janice Beake

It was a night in 1944.

My husband was away in the Pacific, fighting this stupid war.  Having just been married, we had yet been blessed to have any children.  Some evenings my mind wouldn’t stop imagining what was happening many miles away and I just couldn’t sleep.

I loved history and had taken to going to local cemeteries and imagining all the lives, clothing and stories connected to the head stones.  On this night, I grabbed my flashlight and keys to my car and went to a cemetery that I hadn’t been to.  It is about a half hour away from home, but for some reason I didn’t care and felt I had go there.  Some graves being over 200 years old, I was so excited.  I saw headstones all in a row, same last name and dates, just days apart.  A whole family wiped out the year was 1851.  Cholera epidemic.  How horrific, so sad.

On this nippy October 24, 1944 night, I was leisurely walking and studying the headstones and hadn’t realized how deep I had gone into the cemetery.

Then it happened.  My flashlight went out.

There was no moon and it was so dark that I had no other choice than to feel and guess my way back to the entrance and my car.  I was close to the entrance when I was grabbed!

I looked down and saw the M.E. say, “ Her heart was sound- she literally died of fright!”



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