250-word horror story contest winner!


I will be posting the submitted stories from my 250-word horror story content throughout this week.  First up, the creepy cream of the crop- the winning story sent in by C.L. Sherwood!

I am super stoked to show off the winning story from my 250-word horror story contest last week!  After several very wicked and very cool entries, this tale of an evil doll that just wants to play a game really stuck with me.

I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did!


By C.L. Sherwood

“I don’t want to have to come up here,” Addison Bayer’s mother said, setting the silver tray with lemonade and crackers on the floor. She left, locking the door behind her.  The five-year-old sat cross-legged in the dusty attic, her only entertainment a worn and tattered doll.

“Want some lemonade, Daisy?”

One eye slid open and the other bounced in its socket.

 “How about a cracker?” Addison picked up a cracker and crushed it between her palms. She sprinkled it in the “O” of Daisy’s mouth. “Lemonade?”

Daisy’s head rocked forward.

Addison poured the lemonade over the cracker crumbs. “Isn’t that better?”

Daisy’s lids flittered and the faded and cracked blue eyeballs ticked in Addison’s direction. “You’re a good girl, Addy. Do you want to be free?”

Addison nodded, tears spilling down her cheeks.

“Are you ready for a new game?”

Addison nodded.

Daisy’s head jiggled. “Simon Says?”

Addison’s eyes brightened. “Yes!”

“Simon Says, ‘Open the window.’”

Addison did.

“Simon Says, ‘Throw the lemonade pitcher out of the window.’”

Addison did. She watched as it shattered below.

“Simon Says, ‘Better hurry. You’re mother’s coming.’”

Addison held the doll to her chest and jumped.

“Addison? What did I tell you–” Her mother dropped the belt and rushed to the window. “Addison!” She bolted from the room, down the stairs, and out of the back door to her mangled daughter. “Oh, Addison, this wasn’t the plan.”

Daisy’s blood-spattered eyes flicked open. “Do you want to play Simon Says?”

C. L. Sherwood is a Professor of English in Lufkin, Texas, and a member of the Horror Writers Association.




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