100-word horror story contest winner decided!

Last Friday night, I posted a contest giveaway on Facebook seeking the creepiest 100-word short story my fellow horror nuts could come up with in a six-hour window.  I promised the winner a copy of Sanitarium Magazine, issue #32 in which my short story Sick Love Potion was featured alongside a ton of incredible short stories, and that their 100-word story would be published here on Mangled Matters.  I received six awesome entries, most from people that weren’t even on my friends’ list, so it was really fun reading a stranger’s creepy ideas!

The winning entry was sent in by Marjorie Wings, a woman I know very well but who brought the goods big time and won this contest fair and square!  I actually was hoping someone would beat her out to avoid any bias judgement suggestions, but when you read a winning story, you know it right away!

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Mrs. Wings’ 100-word horror story…



Thank God she left the doors unlocked.  He was hungry, ravenous actually.  He hadn’t eaten in days.  The thought of his last meal made his mouth water.  Then he heard the sound of her sexy red heels, click clack click clack.  “Shhhhh,” he thought.  It was dark enough that she wouldn’t see him, tucked in tight behind the driver’s seat.  He’d been waiting for over an hour and was dizzy from the thought of her smooth flesh on his teeth.  She opened the driver’s side door, climbed in and never stood a chance.  He was so very hungry.



Now if that story doesn’t invoke anxiety whenever you have to get into an empty car after a long day at the office, I don’t know what will.  Congrats, Marjorie!  Your scare package is on the way and thank you to the other five entries as well!!  I have thank-you goodies headed your way, too.



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