Wolfmen of Mars vs The Mangled Dead: an album celebration in interviews, pt. 2


“Fuck that, we gave it our all on this one.”

Split albums are always cool for audiences.  A daunting task for any band, there may not be two bands more destined to have been put together than Wolfmen of Mars and The Mangled Dead.

With a joint-LP out now (nothing beats the feel of a vinyl record in your hands) and the album also available digitally (with the bands allowing you to NAME YOUR PRICE for the digital copy, no less), there’s really no excuse for anyone not to check out two killer bands who are just doing what they love- and doing it loud, fueled by the horror films of yesteryear.

I recently had a chance to chat with the rotting brains behind The Mangled Dead.  This is the second part of a four-part interview celebration that will touch on all four aspects of this album- both bands and both artists who contributed to the album cover and album artwork.  Check out the first part of this interview, featuring Wolfmen of Mars, here.

Read on…



MANGLED MATTERS: You’ve called your music “dirty, beer soaked cemetery punk”. Who are some of the bands or musicians that influence The Mangled Dead?

THE MANGLED DEAD: The Misfits for sure, that should be fairly obvious I guess. Nervous Eaters, Ministry, Butthole Surfers.  B-Movies and Horror movies are a big influence.  Sometimes I watch one while writing stuff.  We have a little TV with a VHS set up where we record so we always play some weird ass shit on that.

MM: Who approached who, regarding the collaboration with Wolfmen of Mars for the LP?

TMD: The Wolfmen approached us with the idea.  We’ve been digging their stuff for a while now and although the genres are different our music is very similar in vibe I think.  They definitely have their shit together more than us.

MM: If wolfmen from Mars and the living dead really duked it out, who wins?

TMD: Hm, good question.  It depends on a few things, I guess, like do the wolfmen have advanced technology?  Lazers and shit?  Hovercrafts?  They would probably win if that’s the case.  If it was just hand to hand combat then I bet the living dead would win.  BUT, if there were enough of the dead that they just kept coming and swarmed the wolfmen then maybe it’d be the other way around.  Also how resilient are the dead?  It would make an awesome movie either way.

MM: How long did it take to put this album together?

TMD: I think it was four or five months?  I could be a little off, maybe it was six.  We didn’t have anything written for it so we just made new stuff.  Some of it was off the cuff and a few tracks we had rough ideas for.

MM: Has there been any talk about doing some live gigs together?

TMD: Not yet, but hopefully.  We contacted the wolfmen about doing a show before this album happened, actually, but neither of us really play out all that much.  We usually do a few shows during the Halloween season.

MM: What is your favorite Wolfmen of Mars track from the album?

TMD: I really dig “Take Heed, They’re Everywhere”.  It makes me feel like I’m getting ready to fight an end boss or something.  Or a preparation montage for fighting vampires maybe.

MM: What were some of the challenges of creating a collaborative LP with another band?

TMD: It’s tricky with splits because you don’t want to make something that will be at odds with the other band’s stuff, but you don’t want it all to sound the same either.  A lot of bands use splits as an excuse to get rid of their “throw-away” tracks, they don’t want to use their best material on a split.  Fuck that, we gave it our all on this one.

MM: What’s next for The Mangled Dead, album-wise?

TMD: Not sure at the moment.  I’d like to do another cassette 4-track album, no frills.  Maybe a little more garage rock-ish but with the same weirdo horror lyrics and vibe.

MM: Any upcoming gigs or events for the Mangled Dead?

TMD: Nope.  We’re looking into doing a few shows soon.  We just have to work out the details.  With any luck, we can pull it together enough to make a new video too.  The fall is usually good for getting us in the mood.





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