Sasquatch and zombies and rabbits, oh my!: An interview with Eric S. Brown.

Eric S. Brown epitomizes the definition of the modern day independent author. He is always working, whether it be on a slew of story ideas, promoting his work or visiting with his son’s class and sharing some comic book love with the younguns. No matter the day, hour or topic, Mr. Brown has never settled. He doesn’t stop long enough to allow himself to. And that is a damn good thing, considering the work he has put out there for the horror loving freak in all of us.

Whether zombies are your thing or you find yourself more in tune to werewolves, ass kicking rabbits or ravenous sasquatches, Eric will picque your interest with at least one of his titles. His Bigfoot Wars series has gained a level of fandom that speaks for itself, while Brown mixes werewolves and the wild, wild West delightfully with A Pack Of Wolves. Then there is Jack Bunny Bam-Bam and The Weeper Apocalypse, which takes the idea of pulp fiction and manages to spin it upside down like no other. A review of this one will be up here at Mangled Matters shortly!

Brown manages to do all of this while raising two children with his wife and still takes a few moments to speak with a fan of not only his work, but his work ethic.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Eric S. Brown….




MANGLED MATTERS: It has been said by many that the written word is becoming a prehistoric form of entertainment, thanks to the internet and e-books. As a writer, why do you think your career has thrived during a time where the good ol’ paperback is sadly being looked at as obsolete?

ERIC S. BROWN: I think ebooks are the way of the future. My Kindle sales are far greater than my paperback ones. I think there will always be a place for fiction though.

MM:  To whom do you attribute your work ethic and passion for horror?

ESB: I cut my teeth reading comics. That quickly turned to a love of horror from such titles as Weird War Tales. When I discovered Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, that was it, I was hooked and had to be a writer. I loved the horror and SF genres so much I had to take a shoot at writing them. I learned how to write by reading folks like David Drake and H.P. Lovecraft and fell even deeper in love with genre fiction from reading them. As to the work ethic, that’s just me. I have Aspergers and just kind of get drawn into things on a strange level.
MM: As an avid comic book fan and collector, what are some of your favorite film adaptations in recent years, and which one missed the mark the worst?

ESB: I HATED the Fantastic Four films for the way they did Dr. Doom. That was so wrong. I would say the best ones were the Marvel films like The Avengers and Iron Man. As much as I am not a Marvel fan, those movies rocked.

MM: Your Bigfoot Wars series may very well be the most original and downright awesome horror collection going today. Why the fascination with this beast?

ESB: Bigfoot scared the heck of me as a kid. When I got tired of writing zombie stuff, he was the monster I turned to in order to find myself again as a writer. It worked too. I had a blast writing the first book of the Bigfoot War series and it was a smash hit. It remains a well moving title even as old as it is and every reviewer who has read it pretty much has raved about it from Rue Morgue Magazine to Chizine. It even has over 100 five star reviews on Amazon. Some folks credit the first Bigfoot War book for the new Bigfoot horror trend in the indie book/film world. I don’t know about that, but I feel safe saying it is a fun read.

MM: How much research goes into a series like this, considering there are so many people who believe in a creature that may or may not exist?

ESB: I didn’t put in as much research as some folks think. I mainly based my Sasquatch on my nightmare version I had of the beasts as a child. They’re really mean creatures- fast, strong, and hard to kill. They’ll tear you apart in seconds.


MM: You are also extremely excited and proudly promoting a new release, Jack Bunny Bam-Bam And The Weeper Apocalypse (REVIEW COMING SOON!). How did this project come about?

ESB: Jack Bunny Bam-Bam was my first attempt at the Bizarro genre. Bizarro Pulp Press approached me about writing something for them and I said yes thinking it would be fun and different. Jack is the tale of a green bunny hitman in a world that’s equal parts Noir, SF, Fantasy, and that has very strong zombie/horror elements. I truly believe it turned out to be the best book of my entire career to date so I am realy glad I got asked by them to write something. It currently has 25 out of 25 five star reviews on Amazon and was praised by the Horror Fiction Review as well.

MM: Are there any thoughts to Jack Bunny Bam-Bam becoming a series figure?

ESB: Jack goes on to be a part of the Crypto-Squad series joining Mothman, Bigfoot, and the rest on that team as of Crypto-Squad II. However, with the success of Jack, I have also signed on to write Jack Bunny Bam-Bam II for Bizarro Pulp Press. Its working title is Jack Bunny Bam-Bam and the Magical Trip. Really hoping to top the insanity of the first book with it.

MM:  HomeWorld is another project coming up. You really don’t stand pat in one specific genre, yet you tie them together nicely in one way, shape or form. That is why you are such a fan favorite, in my opinion. You have a unique voice and readers want to hear it.

ESB: Thank you. I blame that on being a comic book/horror/Military SF junkie in real life. All of those kind of tie together for me. Homeworld is my first full out attempt at the genre of my literary hero, David Drake. I am super proud to say that I was blessed enough that Mr. Drake gave it a cover blurb. Folks really can’t understand how much that means to me as he is a huge part of why I am a writer.

MM: I must ask. How the Hell did The War Of The Worlds Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies come about?

ESB: Coscom Entertainment called me up one night and asked me to do a “mash up” book for them. I agreed and wrote it for them. The book was such a hit that Simon and Schuster ended up snagging the reprint rights for the mass market. It was awesome.

MM: As always, you are working. What projects are currently under way?

ESB: I am at work on Bloop II for Great Lake Films, which is basically the novelization of a script treatment for a movie they’re trying to make, and Jack Bunny Bam Bam II. Other upcoming releases, though, include Homeworld, Bigfoot War: The End, and the A Pack of Wolves collection hardcover from Grand Mal Press.

I would like to sincerely thank Eric for his time with this interview and I continue to wish him nothing but the best! Check out a title or two of his- you will not be disappointed!


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