Halloween Memories: A Mangled Matters Celebration Pt. 2

Good evening, boils and ghouls!

With only nine days remaining until we can all get our creepy jollies and not be looked at as threats to the general population, it’s time to take one last haunted trip down Memory Lane…

Unravel the sleeping bag, turn on the fog machine and let’s get ready for part two of Mangled Matters’ ‘Halloween Memories’ chatter!

Inker Bella (model, horror fanatic, fragrance expert)

I would have to say my favorite memory is always being able to find the coolest things at all the stores!  Even as a kid I would decorate my room in skulls. For me, Halloween was MY Christmas time!  My Mom would go and buy tons of stuff she knew I’d like during Halloween and that was my Xmas gifts! (laughs)

As a kid, I remember enjoying trick or treating with my brothers and sister.  For some weird reason, and I don’t know why…I always looked forward to this one neighbor who every year would hand out Boston Baked Beans! (laughs) I also remember in that picture, that night was soo cold and rainy!  I was wrapped in toilet paper to look like a Mummy.  I remember not only freezing my ass of…but leaving a paper trail in the street!!

Even as a youngster, Inker Bella always got wrapped up in Halloween

Of course Halloween is still my favorite time of year!  Now I get to make memories and enjoy it with my Daughter!  Can’t wait for this year!!

Raising the little one right!

John Ginder (The Horror Dude!)

 My fondest Halloween memory- I remember so many awesome things when I was a kid-everything from monster movie marathons , sci fi marathons , carving pumpkins ,trick or treating .  The one thing that seems to always pop into my mind first was when I got older and didn’t do trick or treating anymore (still around 8-10 yrs old or so)-is me when dusk would hit- right before trick or treaters would show up (now I grew up in country , on 3 acres of land- so lots of land!)-I would go and hide outside and wait for them- and then, when they would show up, in the dark, and very little light , I would sneak up on them and just watch , and sometimes even sneak around the vehicle they came in without being noticed.  I would sneak around and just watch them and see how close I could get to them without being noticed .  This also meant I was dressed in dark jeans and a back hoodie hehehee! I did this for years!!!  That is something that comes to mind more then anything- after Id go back inside latter- I would watch horror movies on TV !

Barb Breese (podcast scream queen, horror fanatic)

I don’t really have a story about one particular favorite Halloween moment.  What I do have are the warm memories of Halloweens past that were spent with my parents.  Every year, we would always go all out with decorations and goodies and costumes.  We would stay out trick-or-treating until the last porch light in the neighborhood went out. After heading back home to pick through all of the loot I’d received, we’d veg out in front of the television and watch every scary movie that was shown.  My dad would end the night by telling me one of his famous ghost stories, which always left me too scared to fall asleep.  Needless to say, Halloween was always the best night of the year!

Kevin Spencer (horror artist, horror expert)

My favorite Halloween memory would have to involve my Dad and the neighborhood bully. It goes a little something like this.

Growing up, the street I lived on was made up of only a few dozen houses and was surrounded on all sides by fairly busy roads and yet every year we’d get a fair amount of Trick-or-Treater traffic. That said my parents would usually be out with us kids so typically they’d leave a bowl out with a “Please take one” sign. Naturally by the third kid in, the bowl would be empty (and sometimes even the bowl would be gone).  My parents and my Dad in particular really enjoyed the decorating and the costumes when it came to Halloween and our house was always decked out – Fake gravestones, dummies on the front porch – even scary music on Halloween night.

One Halloween my Dad decided to catch the candy-stealers, so what he did was dress up as one of the two dummies that annually adorned our front porch, right next to the candy bowl. He gets all suited up in a costume matching the other dummy and sits on one side of the door, with the other dummy on the other side of the door and the candy bowl right next to my old man. A short time later, who rolls up on his bike but the neighborhood Bully.  I was friends with him but growing up he always duped me into doing stupid things and I somehow was always the one who took the fall… No harm, I managed to avoid jail despite my best efforts to end up there. So the bully, not even in costume, walks up, looks around and proceeds to empty the whole bowl into his pillowcase. Right as he finishes doing this, my Dad leaps up and shouts. The Bully drops what must have been a 50 lb pillowcase of candy on the ground and runs away, leaving the bike behind. Being an eternal softie, my Dad ran after him trying to calm him down but as you can imagine at that point it only made the kid run faster. So…I ended up walking the bike over to his house and that Halloween, my friends, my two younger brothers and I had more Halloween candy than you could ever imagine.

A Woman In Horror Month exclusive from Mr. Spencer that was used on my blog earlier this year!

Nez Wilburn (costume designer, horror fiend)

Nez aka Morganna

My earliest and fondest Halloween memory was from when I was 5 years old and going Trick or Treating in Campbell , California .  I remember everything about that night with incredible clarity to this day, and it was also the moment that the magic of the season really “stuck” with me.  It was a cool, balmy evening, with just the right touch of gustiness to stir the leaves.  The leaves were crunching underfoot everywhere.  All the children were out in droves knocking on doors and “ooo-ing and ahhh-ing” appropriately at beautifully carved Jack-O-Lanterns and carefully placed decorations.  I…was dressed as Batman *big grin*.  The year is 1976 and we’re still watching that particular show on TV…I’m female and I’m a fan.  So yes, I’m Batman in my plastic, yummy-smelling costume out of a box with a cape attached.  I will always associate that plastic, “box costume” smell with Halloween as well, for that smell meant possibilities!!  Possibilities to spook someone, or get the best candy!!  Putting the costume on made you a different person…you became that character even if only for one night of the year.  Me, I was guarding my mother and playing super hero as we went from door to door.  I had a pillow case that was getting heavier and heavier as the night wore on.  In those days, Trick or Treat didn’t have a curfew.  It went until everyone turned their porch lights out and blew out the candles in their jacko’s.  So we would stay out pretty late getting the best haul we could.  And I would milk the hours for all they were worth, I was one of the most persistent little trick or treaters you’d ever see!  There is a magic to running through your neighborhood at night…carefree and with the rules suspended, for it is Halloween…the singular best night of the year!!  As with all things, though, the evening had to come to an end at some point.  Finally my mother makes the dreaded “Last House” statement.  “Awwwwwww….mom?? “  “No, this is the last house…it’s getting late and there are no houses left to go to.”  Grumbled “Ooooo-kay.”
This last house of the night was a treat to the senses.  Spooky organ music was coming from within, it had several carved pumpkins, was eerily lit with green light and was just positively, deliciously SPOOKY.  There were hedges lining the front walkway all the way to the porch, and they were decorated with spiders and webbing but also served another purpose to my young mind:  what if there’s something hiding IN THEM?  I’m straining to see through the eyeholes on my mask and making noises to my mother about not being sure about this…she snaps at me that there is nothing in the bushes and to get my rear on the porch.  I gingerly climb the steps, looking around, and reach out to knock on the decorated front door, holding my bag out in expectation.  And that’s when the scariness happened.  This particular house had decided to rig their front porch with a flying skeleton that came at you when you touched the front door and screeched with an ungodly wail.  Well, I’m 5.  I didn’t stay.  I don’t think my feet actually touched the ground.  I flew off of the porch and tried like a champ to insert myself into the back of my mother’s jeans to hide.  In the meantime my mother is crippled by laughter, in tears, doubled over.  Annnddd….that’s when the 6 foot tall witch pops out of the hedge.  I’m fairly certain I climbed all the way to my mother’s neck when that happened.  This was a very, scary, gruesome Wicked Witch of the West, type witch, and I was convinced my mother was going to hand me over to her.  And then she spoke.  It was a HE…owner of the house, dressed in a witches’ costume and laughing HARD.  Apparently my reaction had been the best of the night, much to my chagrin.  He apologized, gave me candy and explained that very few children actually braved coming up to the porch due to the spookiness and dim lighting, and I marveled at how COOL this guy’s house was!  He showed me everything, and while he and my mom chit chatted….I got positively hooked.  It became a mantra that night “Mom!!  I want to do THAT when I grow up!!”
Flash forward to October 5, 2012 .  The little ghoul in the Batman costume is busily setting up a cemetery fence and tombstones, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns in her front yard.  Now 41 years old, and with childlike glee, determined to bring that magic back year after year.  For if you build it, they will come.  And we’re going to scare the hell out of them!!  *cackle*   I have candy for you if you’re brave enough to come to my door.  Happy Halloween, spooky kids!!

Nez has a front yard to die for

Well folks, there you have it- some of the most entertaining and beloved memories from a handful of the most awesome horror fanatics wandering the Earth!

Next up in the blog series- ‘Your Favorite Horror Novel’!!

Stay creepy and stay tuned!



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