Haunted Memories: A Monthlong Celebration!

Halloween has always been, and will always be, my favorite holiday.  From carving pumpkins and having a completely valid reason to spend a whole day watching horror films to trick or treating and taking a deep breath of that crisp autumnal air on the first night you can see your breath, October is simply awesome.

To usher in the coolest holiday of them all, I am thrilled to announce MANGLED MATTERS will be hosting a 4-week “Haunted Memories” blog series where I have been fortunate enough to wrangle up some of the coolest and most creative minds on the indie horror scene to discuss some of their favorite Halloween topics.

Then, on Halloween night, I will be introducing a very unique short story to the world- a story created by these seventeen amazing people and myself to help make it easier to decide to sleep with a night light on!

The four topics will go as follows (in parenthesis you will find who will be chatting about each topic!):

Week 1 (October 8): Your Favorite Memory of Halloween.
(Steve Mezo, Sarah Sigler, Char Hardin, John Ginder, Hannah Neurotica, Barb Breese, Inker Bella, Kevin Spencer)

Week 2 (October 15): Your Favorite Horror Novel.
(Lori R. Lopez, Elizabeth Kolodziej, Char Hardin, Kayleigh Frost, Hannah Neurotica, Jason Thorson)

Week 3 (October 22): The Horror Movie You MUST Watch On Halloween Night.
(Michael West, Jennifer Cooper, Jason Thorson, Cody Perkins, Kevin Spencer, Char Hardin, John Ginder, Hannah Neurotica, Barb Breese, Inker Bella, Kayleigh Frost, Steve Mezo, Jonathon Santiago, Sarah Sigler, Matt Reynolds)

Week 4 (October 29): What Does Halloween Mean To You?
(Steve Mezo, Kayleigh Frost, Elizabeth Kolodziej, Inker Bella, John Ginder, Barb Breese, Lori R. Lopez, Kevin Spencer)

Halloween Night (October 31): A Haunted Memories Original Tale!

With each piece posted, you will also get the chance to learn a little more about the fantastic people chatting with me by checking out links to their websites and most recent big news.  Us horror fans have to stick together, and what better way to make a few new friends then by talking about things that go bump in the night!!

The first topic, “Your Favorite Memory Of Halloween”, will be going live later this afternoon!  Keep your eyes peeled and your flashlight on- it’s going to get creepy!!

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