META/STASIS is ready to make it’s mark on the sci-fi horror genre

As promised, tonight I shine the indie horror spotlight on the latest project from Team Gotta/Enk, a “mind-bending sci-fi horror feature” by the name of META/STASIS.

On the film’s current Indiegogo site (which has 39 days remaining to donate and/or share the link!), you will find a very well-written and impressive pitch from Jessi Gotta and Bryan Enk covering their career as a film making tandem over the last three years.  As if they need to convince anyone that they know what the hell they are doing.

Kicking major ass with their horror/mystery werewolf flick The Big Bad, which tore through the film festival circuit (13 festivals, 12 awards and 7 other nominations from screens all over the country), the duo followed that up with the romantic zombie short Anniversary Dinner.  Zombies are the most microwaved theme in horror movies these days, yet Gotta and Enk give the audience something totally new to chew on (pun intended) in a film that has garnered 11 official film festival selections, 6 awards and 6 nominations.

Now comes META/STASIS, without a doubt the company’s most ambitious project to date.

From the film’s official website, the following synopsis reads as follows:

The crash landing of a military vessel on a distant planet leaves only three survivors.  The wreckage is barely able to provide shelter and the distress signal is weak, but there is still hope for rescue.  Until the situation begins to… evolve.  Soon, the crew realizes that the true terror does not lie outside the ship but within.

Some time back, Jessi and Bryan described the film as a “haunted house in outer space”.  Seriously, how can you not want to see this film happen?

This is where we all come in.  As independent film enthusiasts, we are introduced to countless Indiegogo campaigns and links throughout our days on Facebook, Twitter and email.  Money is tight for everyone these days, but there are some seriously awesome perks that go along with donating to the making of META/STASIS, including promo material from The Big Bad and Anniversary Dinner, a hand-written letter of thanks from the filmmakers, concept art and an invitation to the first private cast and crew screening of the film.

Aside from awesome perks, the fundraising site for the film also has a great little video of Jessi and Bryan telling  us a little more about the project.

While no one ever expects us to toss a few bucks to every project we are introduced to, the least we can do is share the links once in a while.  Every dollar counts in making this film possible, but every share, “like” and re-tweet helps as well!

The film brings back the usual suspects in a Gotta/Enk film, namely ace FX/make-up artists Jane Rose and Stephanie Cox-Williams and associate producer Patrick Shearer who join a cast and crew made up of some of the most seasoned and enthusiastic independent actors and minds currently working.

But it’s the promise of the story that really has me drooling over the next big announcement regarding this film’s progress.

Jessi Gotta is the writer, producer and plays an acting role in this film.  Gotta has a deeply ingrained talent for storytelling, a trait that is sadly slipping through the cracks amongst higher paid directors with bigger budgets these days.

Bryan Enk will be directing, a credit he also received for The Big Bad.  Enk not only talks a good game as a director, he walks the walk as well.

META/STASIS is coming.  The sci-fi indie scene promises to never be the same.

If for no other reason, do it for Bryan’s sake.  Jessi is currently brainstorming ways to kill her film making partner if the campaign isn’t shared around enough.





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