‘Dark Worlds: Slasher’: A Review.

Directed by Chris Jay


Actress Michelle Shields will always hold a tender spot in my horror loving heart. Not only did she gracefully accept my interview request over a year ago when I was looking to do my first interview ever, but she’s since graced my Women In Horror blog with a more recent interview and has always been kind enough to keep me posted on her latest projects.

Dark Worlds: Slasher is based off of Zack Daggy’s highly acclaimed novel Dark Worlds: Project 31. Constructed as a horror anthology, this wonderful slice of indie horror is the opening installment of the project.

William Rosum (Beau Yotti) is feared and known as ‘The Careview Slasher’, a masked serial killer who dons a mask that looks as if it were picked up off the The Nightmare Before Christmas lot.

A la the main character in the beloved film Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon, complete with striking physical similarities, we follow most of this film nestled comfortably in the mind of the killer.

As he breaks down the hunt of his latest victim, the worst timed sneeze in the history of horror cinema ruins all the fun and thus, we are properly introduced to The Careview Slasher’s methods.

The next night, hungry to get back on track with a kill that will test his skills after the previous night’s dead giveaway, the Slasher finds his perfect target- a young woman he labels ‘Snow White’.

It will be a refreshing kill, a change of pace from the typical bimbos he’s been hacking up lately.

If only he knew how different Allison Smith is.

Ms. Shields plays Smith, known to the Slasher as Snow White. As always, Shields’ on-screen presence is entrancing. Dressed as a goth with a bubbly personality, Allison is hardly what the Slasher expected.

The audience has the pleasure of watching the two enthusiasts match wits, leading to an awesome finish and me dying to see the rest of the anthology.

Technically, this twenty-minute short is as sound as they come. The editing is crisp, the lighting is excellent and the music fits in perfectly to the film.

Director Chris Jay and the Daggy have created a fantastic script, full of excellent writing and dialogue for Rosum and Shields.

A very fun short film that hits on all cylinders, Dark Worlds: Slasher is definitely one of the best shorts I’ve seen this year.

My Grade: 9/10


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