A Mangled Matters Interview With ‘Familiar’ Producer Zach Green.

Zach Green is a name you’ll no doubt be hearing alot more of in the coming months. If you are a horror fan, you will be glad to know he has enjoyed quite a run as of late with the film company he founded with fellow horror maven Richard Powell.

Fatal Pictures has created three shorts that have drawn major praise and recognition across the film festival circuit over the last four years. Starting with ‘Consumption’ (2008) and most recently showcasing ‘Familiar’ (2012), Fatal Pictures has taken the psychological terror genre and pressed all the right buttons.

This is in no small part thanks to Mr. Green, who has a true passion for not only the genre we all love, but also the art of filmmaking. His talent and love for what he does is evident in the finished product of ‘Familiar’, the only film of the three I’ve had the pleasure of seeing thus far. I look forward to seeing the other two as soon as possible, while also expecting nothing but great things from the fellas running Fatal Pictures for a long, long time!

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Zach about everything from his career with Fatal Pictures to his love for the slasher flicks to a small hidden fun fact regarding Mr. Dodd… Read on….

MM: When did you realize you wanted to become involved in filmmaking?

ZG: Back around 2001 is when I realized I wanted to go to film school for editing and post-production.

MM: You and Richard Powell founded Fatal Pictures in 2007. What drove you two to create your own company?

ZG: The main reason is because we have a lot of stories and films to be told, and how else would we be able to market them and distribute them if we didn’t have our own production company to do that under? It wasn’t so much the creative control as to have an avenue to distribute them under and a proper home.

MM: As a horror fan, what was the first horror film you recall seeing?

ZG: As a kid I remember watching a lot of slasher horror films, those were the popular ones at the time. Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers. These were the horror movies and characters I grew up with.

MM: Where can people find Fatal Pictures on the web and all your film’s information, screenings, press releases and such?

ZG: You can find all the upcoming screenings of Fatal Pictures’ latest film entitled ‘Familiar’, which is on the festival circuit now, at www.fatalpictures.com. You can also follow us on Twitter at #FatalPictures

MM: Where has ‘Familiar’ be screened thus far, where would people have seen the film ?

ZG: ‘Familiar’ had its World Premiere on March 2nd in Toronto via Fangoria Fright Nights. The film screened before the very controversial Japanese film entitled ‘Battle Royale’. Later that month on March 16th, the film played in Australia at A Night Of Horror. There are slated to be multiple screenings in the upcoming months.

MM: ‘Consumption’ is almost a cautionary tale in this day and age of technology and e-hook ups. Are there any taboos or boundaries you, personally, refuse to cross?

ZG: I would say as long as the film is in good taste and there is some sort of vision and art there, not just some random nonsense, then it’s all fair game.

The ‘Consumption’ dinner party just shrunk by one.

MM:  ‘Worm’ had a very successful festival run itself, and now seems to be making the rounds again alongside ‘Familiar’. Is there any correlation to the two films, besides the fact that Robert Nolan is fantastic in both of them?

ZG: ‘Worm’ had a great festival run! Richard and myself are hoping ‘Familiar’ will have a bigger and more successful run. It’s had a wonderful start thus far. Both of the films are stand alone stories. You don’t need to have seen ‘Worm’ (2010) to appreciate ‘Familiar’ (2012) or vice versa. The fun little joke, is Geoffrey Dodd in ‘Worm’ is in fact twin brothers with John Dodd of ‘Familiar’.

Zach Green & actor Robert Nolan


MM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, along with Fatal Pictures?

ZG: I see myself on set on my third or fourth feature with Richard Powell, directing a dark and disturbing scene. I just want to be producing films for Fatal Pictures, which is what we do best.

MM:  As producer of ‘Familiar’, what was your favorite aspect of creating this film? Least favorite?

ZG: My favorite aspect of creating ‘Familiar’, I would have to say, was working with Robert Nolan in the lead of the film. Because the lead character of Fatal Pictures last film “Geoffrey Dodd” in ‘Worm’ (2010) has strong similarities to the lead character in ‘Familiar”s “John Dodd”. My least favorite part of creating this film was finding the location we needed. Being an indie production company we didn’t really have the money one would use to easily rent the space.

MM: Do you have plans or dreams of directing your own horror film someday in the near future?

ZG: Yes, I definitely will have a directorial debut in the future, but as of this moment, I just want to produce.

MM:  What projects are you currently working on?

ZG: Currently I’m in the middle of reading the first draft of ‘WORM’. That will be Fatal Pictures’ debut feature. I’m also promoting ‘Familiar’. Look out for the film at a festival near you!

Thanks kindly to Zach for his time and support with not only this interview, but also allowing me to review ‘Familiar’!

Zach was awesome enough to give us this little teaser to show you what ‘Familiar’ has in store for viewers!


‘Familiar’ will be screening at the Chicago FearFest, April 13-14! So to all my Chicagoland horror junkies, check it out for yourself!!

Here are two other upcoming festival dates you may want to circle if you’re in the areas!

May 3-6: Dark Bridges Film Festival (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)

May 4-6: Texas Frightmare Weekend (Dallas, TX)

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