Good evening, fellow horror junkies!

Hello one and all!

I’ve clearly moved- while I liked blogspot, I prefer wordpress for some reason. I honestly can’t really tell you why.. it’s nothing personal, I just am more comfortable with the settings and display and such of wordpress.. Thus, Mangled Matters has moved.

Thanks for stopping by- the place is pretty bare right now, but rest assured- it’s about to get busy up in here!

While I am swimming in the deep end of Women In Horror Month at the moment, with tons of interviews, essays and film reviews still on the way over at , I will also be doing a better job of keeping Mangled Matters current and awesome!

I hope you all keep your eyes peeled for new posts and such- I’m working on a bunch of different projects and also am working on getting some contests and such put together to spread the horror fun far and wide!


Rock on, everybody- and always keep screamin’!

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